The team supports the new games studio in our collaborative studio mission to create and launch the next billion dollar franchise. The team collaborates with game teams as well as shared tech teams in order to create and maintain the tech that enables the future of mobile game development.

As our DevOps Engineer, you will be a part of a team with a mission to build and maintain technology to support the studio in creating our new franchises. This includes evaluating existing tech, developing new creative solutions for our build pipeline, investigating problems reported by the game teams and coaching our game teams. You will work in close collaboration with our game teams and enjoy a creative, challenging and collaborative workplace where your ideas will be every bit as valued as your DevOps expertise.

You will work in a dynamic environment where work is driven by the requirements of the game teams which might include adapting to studio portfolio changes. Therefore you should be a fast learner with a positive attitude and a strong passion for working with new technology. You're excited about doing what's best for the games and adaptable enough to work on different things day to day based on their needs

You have a great passion for DevOps engineering, new technologies, large scale systems and games. You’re an excellent communicator, happy dealing with people from different business units and with varying degrees of technical savviness. Therefore, you’re able to translate business needs to technical requirements and implementation.

Experience with the Unity build system

CI/CD build tools like Jenkins

Task & build automation tools like Gradle

Repo systems like Artifactory, NPM, Verdaccio

Improving team workflows via automation (Probot, Github and Slack integrations, notifications and alerts)

The mindset of writing tests along with the application code of projects, building up a healthy test coverage

Experience with Splunk

Experience with Kubernetes, Helm and Docker

Experience with various dynamic & static languages. Groovy, Python, Bash, TypeScript, C#

Collaborating with our dedicated ops team, client developers and other backend developers in various locations

Android & iOS app integration and delivery

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Unity Game development knowledge.

Asset Caching integration & strategies

Client development experience.

Familiarity with web protocols, application servers and web servers.

Knowledge about modern deterministic build systems such as Google Bazel

DevOps Jenkins Unity Gradle C# Python Bash Kubernetes Docker Backend iOS

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25 april 2020