Senior Software Developers to Digital Dealer @ Scania

At the moment we are looking for 5-6 senior software developers (frontend, backend or maybe both) to grow our, already awesome, teams at Digital Dealer.

With “senior” we don’t mean “age” or “years in field” rather we believe that seniority means confidence and courage to take lead in your team. We also believe it means you have been around for some time to have experienced both successful and failed software projects from which you have learned the importance of the true craftmanship that goes into software development.

We believe that one thing that drives you is to help your fellow team members in growing and improving. So here at Digital Dealer we give you the opportunity to share your experiences and knowledge by (for example):

• Pair- and mob programming in your day to day teamwork
• Weekly knowledge sharing meetings
• Improvement workshops (both technical and way of working)

A brief glimpse into what we are doing here at Digital Dealer:

• Our product is used by our dealers and service workshops worldwide.
• We have a modern micro services architecture both for backend and frontend.
• We have a true CI/CD pipeline and deliver to production on a daily basis.
• We are 100% cloud native and run all our services in AWS.
• We are passionate teams that take enormous pride in both WHAT and HOW we deliver.
• At the moment we have 5 autonomous teams that can take full responsibility for the whole delivery. We work tightly with business and end user representatives.

What we can offer that many others might not:

• As a big company we have the muscles to invest in “time to do a good job” at the same time as we have organizational structure, management support and core principles that enables a start-up feeling and way of working within our specific program here at Scania.
• We have other strong, talented and senior developers that challenge you and help you grow.
• We offer a flexible and understanding work environment to suit you depending on where you are in life.

If you want to know more, feel free to contact anyone from below. They will gladly share more about how we are working, techniques we are using or how it is working at Scania.


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9 november 2019