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The elevator pitch(Multiple vacancies)We are looking for Cloud Engineers to join our Engineering Team at City Network. This is a great opportunity to work on bleeding-edge technology for a company striving for personal and team development. No matter if you are a junior or senior engineer, we would love to hear from you! About the role Develop automation for deploying, scaling and maintaining the cloud primarily using Ansible. We like to automate as much as we can. Troubleshoot and fix issues in our cloud. We run Openstack OSA, Ceph, NFS and a range of other systems. Contribute to our playbooks and take part in the on-call rotation. We have extensive monitoring and alerting in place. Investigate new open source tools and technologies to add new services or help improve our operational excellence. Contribute to improving our documentation and help train fellow co-workers on best deployment practices and support them in using the cloud. About the Team  We love Open source! We primarily use Open-source technologies and enjoy contributing back when we can. We work in an agile way, with two week sprints - call it Scrumish…. We are disciplined when it comes to testing changes. We want to have fun at work. Work hard, play hard…. We spend time to train new people who join the team and adjust how we work together via retrospectives. 10% of our working hours are dedicated to Education. You get to sit in the school bench or even hold the teacher stick yourself.Here are the skills we can teach you if you don't already have themOperations/deployment experience on the OpenStack platform.An understanding of platform automation with things like Heat, Terraform and AnsibleExperience with CI/CD frameworks like Zuul, Jenkins, or GitLab CI.About our workplace and cultureWhen you enter the door to our office you feel welcome. You will hopefully meet a inspiring atmosphere where people like to get to know you and be your friend. We do regular teambuildings with our teams in order to get to know each other and to be sure we are heading in the same direction. Both as a team and as a company. We have four fundamental values which propagates through the entire organisation: WE CARE WE INSPIRE WE COMMUNICATE WE CHALLENGEWho would be my direct manager?Daniel Öhberg. More information and on's work at City Network?We are a fast growing company both in terms of customers, revenue, and head count. This is all a good position to be in, but to be candid, just like any other company in that situation, we're not perfect. As a company, we strive to improve and perfect the structure of how we collaborate and communicate, but we're not quite where we want to be in that regard. (We do have to set a pretty high bar here for ourselves, given that our role in the market comes with a great deal of responsibility.) So, we are actively looking for people who come with an open mindset, a willingness to go the distance, and aneagerness to help us all get better. As is true for our customers, if you have specific technical expertise on an issue that another team of colleagues is working on, you should expect to be asked to contribute your knowledge to solving the problem — just as you will expect to get that same support from them, when you have an issue of your own to resolve.This is a position on a team that is currently based in our Karlskrona office.What employment conditions apply?This is a full time position, either in our Karlskrona (HQ) office or Stockholm Office, with 6 weeks' vacation. We have a company policy that specifies a 6-month probation period.I'm interested. What's next?We'd like to hear from you! And we have a few additional questions we would like to ask you. Some of those are about your existing skills and strengths, but if one of them happens to leave you stumped, don't fret! That's totally OK. We don't expect you to bring everything to the table, we'd just like to know what we should prioritize in training.To Apply:

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8 november 2019