Your challenge

We are looking for a developer that is use to go hands on coding as well as to advising our customers on technical issues and guiding them to usable solutions. For that we like you to have some years of experience and knowledge about different platforms and development languages. It would also be great if you are, like us, a teamplayer who like to share your knowledge to make us even greater. Maybe you have a knowledge that we lack, that would be awesome.

Here is a wishlist of buzzwords and tech thingies of what we think you might have some experience in:

.Net/C#SQLJavaEE or SEGO for this lang!REST APIsSome knowledge in one or more of the big platforms like GCP, Azure, AWS or Predix

If none of the above is on your shortlist of expertise but your still certain that we can ´t miss out on you, let us know that and why you are a great choice anyway,

Who are you

Well who are we to tell you, but people that work here are like:

Some are coders, some are UX designers, but we all love what we do. Some are makers that create fun and awesome projects at their spare time and happily discuss and share their ideas with their colleagues, or invite them to help build stuff. Some are parents focusing both on their children and their projects. Some are quite new citizens in Sweden and some moved to Stockholm from all parts of our country. What they have in common is that they love technology and dive deep into customer projects. Some like off-piste skiing, some climb rocks. Others love Netflix and some runs in the woods dressed up as a Viking. Some like fishing and some like to knit. Some love board games and some compete professionally in their favourite sport. And we all share a passion for what we do and the quality of what we create.

So if you are passionate like us, you will have a great time with us at Avalon.

Contact us

Ulrika Hedman, Business Developer

+46 70 454 38 73

We have made our choice of media for recruitment and ask therefore politely to not take any contact with us regarding advert advertisement or any other sales regarding other recruitment services.

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