ML & AI - Architect/Developer

We are looking for a person who wants to take on a senior consultant role, which mean that you will be contributing in both C-level decision making regarding the stack and being involved with the developers. That will mean that you will be coding, drawing up schematics over the architecture of the AI logic, chose the tech stack, and also handle a Big Data.

The client is looking into implementing machine learning and Artificial intelligence as a tool in their current Eco system. The client has already implemented the first version of their AI - Solution, however it is still in the early phases and need to be reevaluated. Therefore, for starters a pre-study needs to be done, to determine which stack and the know-how on how to further develop the AI. When that is done it is only then you are going to start implementing it.

Degree in computer science mathematics, machine learning or equivalent

Solid experience of Python (NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, SciKit-learn packages, Jupyter, as well asamazon AWS Machine Learning and SageMaker)

Have worked with extracting, transforming, loading data from a big array of non-structured data

Coming from a background as a developer, preferably from the Open Source Stack- Preferably Java

Having wide knowledge of relational and NoSQL data Bases, §data analysis of big test logs

Worked with AWS and having a strong knowledge within other types of cloud solutions.

Experience with or genuine interest in AI/ML applications

Knows the different tools of AI (Tensorflow, Keras, weka, Amazon Lex, Amazon rekonito)

This role suits senior developers who want to advance in their career. If the requirments does not fit you for 100% it is OK. We try to keep an open mind and evaluate from the potential. If you have not worked with ML or AI, but have side projects, please add it.

Keras Machine learning Python AI Java Scipy AWS Open source


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1 december 2019