Cantera söker ambitiösa och drivna konsulter med mycket god teknisk kompetens och relevant utbildning. Vi tror att du trivs med att ställas inför nya utmaningar och att du förstår vikten av att sätta kunden i fokus.

We are looking for an Android developer that will join the Performance Squad.
Our team provides instrumentation and tooling that monitor how snappy and well behaving our apps are for all the users in the field. We create and maintain vast datasets on startup, view loading and playback latencies as well as CPU usage and crash statistics.
On top of that we provide tooling and insights for other teams to understand how and where to optimize and fix potential performance problems. We are one of the key stakeholders in the mobile architecture, and when needed we step in and drive bigger architectural changes to unlock big performance gains.
As as a member of our team you will work on both data and mobile apps on a daily basis. Above all, your work will impact the way the world experiences music.

Who you are
- You have minimum 5 years of working experience as a Software Engineer with either Java or C++, and are willing to learn and work with both. If you have experience in other languages and platforms such as Python, iOS, Objective-C, Kotlin, Swift, low level programming or productivity tools, that would be a bonus.
- You have working experience as an Android engineer.
- You have experience with agile methodologies, strong testing practices and CI/CD.
- You are a solutions-oriented team player; you are flexible and ready to do what's best for your customers (in this case, the customers are other teams at Spotify).
- You have a great ability to learn, and you are eager to expand your areas of expertise.
- You have a strong quality mindset and care for the overall performance of the product.

Vi undanber oss vänligen men bestämt direktkontakt med bemannings- och rekryteringsföretag samt försäljare av ytterligare jobbannonser

Python CI Swift iOS CI/CD Kotlin Java C++ Android

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