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We work with control systems and analysis, model based development and software development. Our assignments contain challenges at the highest technical level and in our engineers you’ll find analytical minds, inventive souls and a can-do attitude.
What drives us is a passion for technology and a genuine commitment to people. This is manifested in our open-minded atmosphere, informal culture, and that we prioritize skills above background.
We are located in Gothenburg (HQ), Lund, Linköping. 

Combine is a leading supplier of high quality engineering services within data analysis and software development. We help our customers bring their products to the market on time, at a predictable cost and with high quality.
We are now looking for engineers to strengthen our data analytics team. We offer varied challenges at the bleeding edge of technology, an inspiring working environment and enthusiastic colleagues. We have offices in Gothenburg, Lund and Linköping. 

Areas of Interest: 
Data science, data analysis, data engineering, quantitative methods, computing, applied statistics, applied mathematics.

Job summary: 
The engineers we are looking for thrive as a team players, and have a genuine interest in data analysis, statistics and mathematics. If you are one of them, you have built a sufficiently good programming base (preferably in Python and/or R) which allows you to learn and test ideas by yourself.
Applications are ongoing!

The Team Roles:

Data Analyst:   Is concerned with looking at the data and the context around the data, and telling a story by analysing both. This engineer knows what type of visualization is best to use, for which audience, and how to build it. This engineer can also choose the best statistics to summarise a dataset, and can help organizations build suitable Key Performance Indicators.

Data Engineer:   Is concerned with extracting, molding, recommending and building hygiene methods and choosing computing frameworks to work with data. Data nowadays  can be found on all kinds of formats and be stored in different ways. It can be streaming or offline. The needs of a client may have been satisfied by optimising how your programs process the data, they may have pushed the envelope of what can be accomplished by CPUs, possibly making this engineer look into GPUs. This engineer is responsible with providing quality data over which data analysis and data science can be applied. 

Data Scientist:   Is concerned with building quantitative models out of data, setting and verifying the assumptions for the models, testing and maintaining models, and choosing data collection strategies and instruments. This engineer knows what things can go south very quickly when the underlying assumptions for a model are no longer valid, and is responsible for clearly communicating his team what those assumptions are.                      

Must-have qualifications:  

• M.Sc. in engineering with a focus on one or more of the following disciplines; statistics, mathematics, computer science, applied physics, mechatronics, electrical/electronic/nuclear engineering. 
• Fluent English 
• Experience in Python or R.

The Attitude:

• You like having fun! 
• You respect and trust your team as much as your own knowledge. 
• You shoot for the stars, yet can gracefully land on the moon if needed.  
• You learn on your own, yet you ask for help when you need to. 
• You don't take all statements for facts: when reason exists, you verify ground truths and communicate your findings to those concerned.


• Experience from working in teams 
• Customer-oriented experience 
• Experience with community projects (Github, CRAN, StackExchange community, etc)

Benedikt Ziegler

Group Manager – Data Science & AI Solutions

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