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We try to cultivate what many people would describe as a startup culture This means, among other things, that you get to take on a lot of responsibility and be part of choosing where and what you're working on, the technologies and how we solve the business concerns. We are looking for engineers who love and understand native apps and seek the challenge of using cutting edge technologies to create robust, smooth and beautiful apps. You will be expected to deliver high quality, well-designed and thoroughly tested code within tight time constraints; so a solid understanding of modern app design principles and familiarity with unit-testing will be crucial. You are also expected to be fluent in explaining and justifying your design decisions. We expect superb attention to detail on the UI and performance of code produced. We believe a high-performance back-end is not enough, we also have to deliver the best possible UI and UX experience to our customers when it comes to layout, animations and transitions.

Ultimately, we are looking for real technologists who have a great passion for programming. We want innovative ideas on how to enhance our products using latest cutting edge technologies, and if needed, create our own new standard. Our work is based on React JS and React Native. GraphQL/Relay experience is a big plus.

Ombori is a small group of technology companies that share a commitment to innovation and adaptation. We know that what worked yesterday is likely not going to work forever. Continuous innovation of business models and products is not just critical to achieving our goals, but also the key to creating inspiring work environments that people want to be a part of. We are true believers in data driven development, but at the same time we recognise that the next big thing is not likely to be the result of a purely iterative process. Because of this we are not afraid to experiment and make big bets on things that have never been tried before. These bets give us a fresh start for iteration and continuous improvement going forward.

Our office are in the middle of the city, No 18 central station:

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17 januari 2019