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Hi! My name is Pär and I’m leading a newly formed team at Blocket called Tech Enablers. As the name suggests, our focus is to help the product development teams on Blocket move fast by providing them with a kick-ass self service platform. In the team we work with domains like Runtime, Security, Observability and Delivery. We also build and provide the organization with services based on products like Kubernetes and Kafka.

Now we’re looking for an engineer that wants to be a part of our team and our journey towards greatness. At Blocket you will get the chance to use your skills to make a real difference in the life of nearly everyone in Sweden and to contribute to a sustainable future. ?

We believe that our products are only as good as the people who build them. That’s why we’re looking for creative and bright engineers that thrive in an environment where you work closely together with your teammates and with our customers - the rest of the development teams on Blocket. Being an awesome engineer is therefore not enough, you must also be a service oriented, communicative team player =) ?

What will you be working on?

As an Infrastructure and DevOps engineer you will be a part of the team that designs, builds and maintains our infrastructure and platform services that handle tens of thousands requests each second and provide the foundation for a product used by almost everyone in Sweden.

You will be a part of the team that continuously is working on modernizing our infrastructure - making it more efficient, more scalable and fully automated and easy for our engineers to work with. You will be working with languages and tools like Golang, Python, Terraform, CloudFormation and with various AWS services. You will be a key player in our mission to build a kick-ass self-service platform that allows engineering teams to continuously create, deliver and run their services and products efficiently, and help get us one step closer to a true DevOps culture..

As a member of the tech enabler team you will also test and evaluate new technologies and assist the development teams to adopt new services and products.

Relevant experience

As mentioned above we’re looking for a bright and creative engineer, hungry for learning new things. You should also like to share your knowledge and be generous with feedback and always support your customers and co-workers.

We are well aware of that even rockstar developers were once inexperienced juniors. So, don’t be shy if you think you have what it takes and only miss the experience!

- Knowledge and experience of working in a Linux environment with technologies like Docker/Kubernetes/Amazon AWS
- Knowledge in programming languages like Python and Golang
- Knowledge of tools like Travis, Jenkins, Terraform, CloudFormation and Ansible
- Experience designing, building and maintaining an infrastructure for a highly available, low-latency platform
- Knowledge in IaaS/PaaS/SaaS technologies, data centers, containerization, networking, routing, servers, authentication, storage, load balancing, monitoring, security, and server virtualization
- Experience working in an agile development team

Technology stack

Blocket is currently transitioning from our legacy stack to a more modern one. Some of the key technologies we using are React, Redux, Node, Golang, Python, Kafka, Docker, Travis, AWS and Kubernetes. As an infrastructure engineer you will be working closely with other infrastructure engineers, architects and developers to continue evolve our technology stack.


Blocket and Schibsted

Finally, you may be interested to know that Blocket is owned by Schibsted, a Norwegian holding company with marketplaces and media assets in dozens of countries with close to 10.000 employees. Schibsted companies cooperate a lot with each other and we promote internal mobility, so joining Blocket means gaining access to a world of opportunities for professional and personal growth.

At Blocket we believe that different backgrounds and perspectives is beneficial for our workplace and product – Together we make a difference and create a sustainable future! ?

If you have any questions my HR colleague Robin is helping me with this recruitment. Should you have any questions please forward them to him and together we will come back to you as promptly as we can. (Note that during the vacation period it could take some time to answer.)

Från lokal prylmarknad i Skåne 1996 har Blocket-konceptet exporterats till mer än 40 andra länder - idag är Blocket, som ägs av mediekoncernen Schibsted, Sveriges största marknadsplats på nätet. Här finns dagligen cirka 600 000 saker, fordon, jobb och bostäder som annonseras ut och upptäcks av 5 miljoner besökare varje vecka. Värdet av alla annonser 2017 var 750 miljarder kronor vilket motsvarar cirka 16 procent av Sveriges BNP. Tack vare begagnathandeln på Blocket kan 0,8 miljoner ton växthusgaser undvikas varje år. Det motsvarar som om Stockholm stads vägar stod tomma i cirka ett år. Cirka 240 medarbetare jobbar på Blocket vars kontor finns i centrala Stockholm. Tillsammans brinner vi för begagnathandel, miljön och att vidareutveckla Blocket - en av landets största sajter. Vi är stolta miljöhjältar, och trivs med varandra,

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