Backend Developer

What you’ll do
- Collaborate with the team to shape ideas that push the boundaries of what our apps can do
- Define API layers and implement the business logic to drive them
- Design data models that are fast, scalable and flexible
- Set up server, network and hosting environments
- Develop analytics solutions and dashboards

We are looking for a developer with a strong technical background who wants to influence people to create healthy habits. If you enjoy working in a fast-moving and flexible business where you get opportunities to make a real impact and be creative, then you will enjoying working at Perigee.

You should be comfortable in building scalable systems. You move from domains such as infrastructure, data modelling and business logic to developing REST API’s for our apps. You also have some experience working with front-end web development.

To become a top pic, experience with frontend development and building scalable system with Go and PostgreSQL is definitely a bonus.

We make healthy habits achievable

Inspired by health and fitness, our team is driven to create apps that promote healthy habits and are accessible to everyone.

We’ve helped millions of users take control of their personal fitness journeys and improve their overall well-being.

We’re constantly evolving and are looking for the right people with fresh ideas to join us.

Go Frontend PostgreSQL

Perigee AB


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17 februari 2019