HPC, High Performance Computing Expert

HPC, High Performance Computing Expert
You will play an active role in provisioning and development of our client´s next generation wireless system, provide our clients wireless units with high performance competence, architectures, and solutions for platforms, networks, and services. You will help organizations understand best practices in HPC solutions, and build the software architecture based on our clients Hardware platform and chipsets.
Design HPC architectures based on embedded system
To act as a high-level expert who can deal with escalated various HPC issues.
Build performance benchmarks
Ensure optimal deployment of production solutions.

Key Qualifications
We are looking for person with a Master/PhD degree, in computer science engineering or related subject. Deep understanding of parallel computing and the cpu architecture (ARM/DSP preferred ). Good Knowledge of the memory system(HBM/DDR/CACHE), reduce the latency of memory access by architecture timization, prefetching , branch prediction, etc. Knowledge about performance optimization and familiar with the optimization tools( perf, Oprofile,benchmark tools). Experience in lockless system design ,pipeline procedure ,data flow ,high efficiency communication methods.

5+ years of work experience in high performance computing
Ability to create technical specification and requirements and work independently and
with no direction/supervision.
Able to quickly adapt to new or evolving technologies related to new product &
services requiring validation or research
Good understanding of methods to test and verify the performance of system
Able to communicate well in English, both in written and oral form
Creativity and ability to work independently and as part of a team
Ability and eagerness to acquire new knowledge and apply it in the job

Preferred Qualifications
knowledge of 5G mobile systems, and hands-on experience on top of theoreticalskills is particularly valued
An advanced degree in computer science, engineering, physical or life sciences or related discipline
Working knowledge of HPC schedulers and distributed/parallel file systems,
HPC development process, high throughput and tight coupling approaches
Good knowledge of compiler (GCC )
Good collaboration and communication skills
Talent for innovation, and excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.

Embedded DSP 5G Optimization



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15 mars 2020