Senior Engine Programmer

To apply for this position please register below with a detailed CV and cover letter. Apply as soon as possible as we review applications continuously. All further information is provided under non-disclosure agreement only. All applicants are required to relocate to work full-time in Stockholm. Required qualifications
8+ years of professional C/C++ experience
In depth knowledge of game engine architectures
In depth knowledge of current generation console architectures and future architectural trends
Strong profiling, debugging and optimization skills
Experience from assembly level debugging, preferably PPC or X86

Desired qualifications
Experience with streaming engines and resource management Avalanche Studios are looking for a very experienced programmer to work with our core technology team that is developing Apex; our next generation sandbox open world engine. The Avalanche Apex engine is used in multiple AAA titles under development and is considered one of the absolutely best in the world. We think that you will bring solid experience, expertise and new ways of thinking that will allow us to make even better games in the future. As an engine programmer at Avalanche you will optimize, support and improve existing core technology as well as innovate in areas that will push the boundaries for what open world sandbox gaming means.

At Avalanche Studios you work with some of the industry's most exciting technology and talented individuals. This is a great opportunity for the candidate who wants to play an instrumental role within the core tech team.

Optimization C Debugging Profiling C++



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1 mars 2020