Frontend Developer (React & Redux)

Hero Gaming is looking for reinforcements for our frontend team in Malmö.

We do React and Redux in as functional a style as we can manage while secretly looking towards the Lisps with poorly hidden jealousy. We get all excited about composition and referential transparency.

Shared, mutable state makes us sad. As do static types. If you're more inclined towards the back-end we also have some NodeJS, a lot of Ruby, some Go and even a couple of lines of Erlang. Oh, and clouds, we also have clouds...

Peer-reviews keep developers honest and updated while CI does the same for our growing codebase.
There's no Scrum and no burn-downs, we prefer to keep our process focused on our needs and we're constantly evolving the way we work.

We're a product company where everyone can contribute with ideas and improvements – a place where you can be part of the whole product life-cycle, from scribbles on a post-it note to finished application.

Ruby Frontend Erlang CI Go React

Hero Gaming Sweden AB


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13 februari 2020