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Tarsier is on the verge of great things. We'd love to say we're there already, but that would just be lying to sound cool in a job ad. So we're close, but we need more top people to help us get there, and that's what we're looking for right now! We're just about to head out on our next set of adventures, making world-class games with top publishers; all the while pushing the bar of what comes next with our in-house concept team. Tarsier is all about great ideas executed to perfection, and if you want to be part of it, why not see if you fit the bill.
As a Character Programmer at Tarsier, your focus is on the controls, abilities, movement and animations of the characters. Working closely with your fellow coders, designers and animators, you provide the tools, hooks and support that they might not even know they need to get the most out of the engine. You have a good feel for what makes a great video game character and you understand the importance of detail, finesse and subtlety in turning an amorphous bunch of pixels into a living persona. Like any great programmer, you thrive on solving problems and exploring new ways to raise the bar even further, all the while ensuring that the entire code base stays clean, efficient and functional, even over the long term
Responsibilities include:
Support content creators to develop top-quality videogame characters
Cross-discipline collaboration with design, art, audio and production
Actively participate in syncs, show-and-tells, team building events and information sharing initiatives

Experience working on game controls and AI/NPC movement 
Experience working with animation programming
Eye and patience for detail and polish
Good knowledge and experience in C++ and UE 4.
Currently in a junior or regular programming role on a game development team.
Able to work well in a multidisciplinary and iterative environment
Fluent in English, both verbal and written
Willing to relocate to Malmö, Sweden (or commute within the area)

Memory management, CPU & GPU optimization
Developed Atmospheric or Action Adventure games
Experience working with AI and Gameplay
Other game engine experience
Experience with additional middleware systems

What we offer
At Tarsier Studios, we believe in quality above all else; but quality is the residue of care, and most of all, care for people. So our great perks, like 6 weeks vacation, flexible working hours, company-paid supplemental pension and sick leave insurance, additional health allowance and a relocation package, are not there just to make people happy, but to ensure we reach the highest quality bar possible. Making great games means demanding a lot from people, but that doesn't mean we can’t take good care of them while we do so. That is the Tarsier way and what we offer to all our colleagues.

GPU Optimization AI C++

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