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Do you want to develop advanced electronics, software, and models for the leading edge mobile telecommunication systems? And be involved in making 5G happen?

This is our challenge:

With the transition to 5G follows a lot of exciting challenges for our department. To meet the increasing performance requirements, we need to move more and more functionality into accelerated hardware, which mean that we will have a lot to do in the upcoming years. Even though we already are 600 people working within the ASIC/FPGA department worldwide (250 located in Stockholm), we need to grow our workforce even further to be able to do this.

This is what we want you to bring to the table:

First and foremost – a great interest in electronics and programming and knows any of the below languages:

System Verilog
System C

But not only that – we want you to be here now, but also have an eye for/be curious about who you want to become in the future. Your path with us will be filled with technical challenges where you will be able to grow your skillset, but you will also be able to steer your path into the direction you want to move into in the future – be it technical leadership or project managing.

This is what we want you to do:

Build first class ASIC of course!

Our group of ASIC/FPGA/SoC die hards create the best ASIC out there for all existing and future mobile standards including 5G. We don’t do this alone but together with our internal and external stake holders such as standardization teams and expert vendors. We are working with state of the art technologies, tools and methodologies and we always keep improving. Because we always keep improving, keep looking for things to improve, work smarter and better - and we want you to let us know how we can continue to do so. And important to know – we don’t want you to do this alone, but as part of our team. We will give you freedom to create and build from your first day here. But we will always be there to have your back and help you out.

We will help you build a broad technical expertise in various areas as our groups works and moves across several competency areas within ASIC/FPGA and SoC.

What you create with us will be part of the 5G roll outs, shaping the way we (and our machines) will communicate in the future. What you build will make a real difference. So, come and make it better together with us.


The selection and interview process is ongoing. Therefore, send in your application in English as soon as possible

Verilog C 5G FPGA


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