Data Scientist / Google Analytics Expert

About the Position
A Data Scientist is a hybrid of a Computer Scientist with the programming abilities to build software to scrape, combine, and manage data from a variety of sources and a Statistician who knows how to derive insights from the information within.

Appland has huge internet traffic with over a million users visiting our onboarding websites PER DAY and in total approx. 10 million users in our native Android apps. This traffic generates an enormous amount of data and we need a fulltime person to understand this data better.

You will be part of a flexible dynamic team of great programmers, who handle everything from hosting, backend and frontend development (both web and native Android). We are SCRUM fanatics and love creating disruptive software innovations with a team effort! The team needs reinforcement in data science and this is where you start your journey at Appland!

Yes, but what will I do more in detail?
We are breaking new ground and you will get the opportunity to have a great impact!
You will be creating typical online business insights. You might not have done it before, but no worries, we teach you! Examples of wanted results:
* Subscribers per club, per day, per country, per... well a lot of parameters!
* Conversion funnel diagrams (most online services have a normal user flow and we need to better understand drop-off rate per step)
* Distribution graphs (example: when users search, how many percent of the total users are using 1, 2, 3, ..., or 10 characters?)
* Humans versus bots, spiders, etc.

You will likely also find errors in the data inputs and will need to work together with the programmers to correct them.

We believe our team will get you on track with our needs in data science if you have:
• A genuine interest in numbers and statistics!
• Good experience with Google Analytics and Excel / Google spreadsheets
• Done simple programming work before.

About the Company:
Appland AB provides “Netflix for Mobile Games”. The consumer gets free access to the best Android mobile games in the world (Disney, Electronic Arts, etc.). We have removed all ads and in-app purchases, and instead the consumer pays a monthly fee. The service is delivered to 60 mobile operators and handset manufacturers worldwide.
The Company was incorporated 2011 in Gothenburg, Sweden, where it is headquartered and lead development is based.

Why Appland?
You get to work with friendly passionate people, who all are highly skilled in their line of work. We are proud to maintain a culture where everybody fits in and has a voice. On top of this, you get great insurances, pension, gym card and the best view of Gothenburg harbor (between Järntorget and Stenpiren).

Backend Data Science Frontend Android


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28 februari 2019