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Imagine Oasis without Liam, Beatles without Ringo, NWA without O´Shea, Metallica without Dave (oh yeah that actually worked out fine, but you get the picture right?) It's still a band but not the band that it's supposed to be or could be. Some people simply can't be replaced. And that's how we feel about all of our team members. And to be the company that Skymill is supposed to be or could be, we need some more irreplaceable team members, mainly in the software development department. If you feel that you are a true expert in your art, but you also understand the true meaning of team effort. Read on and apply!

Skymill is one of the biggest small consultant houses in the Öresund region. We say big because we are always in an ongoing expansive phase with a wide variety of customers and projects. We focus on delivering services within project management, development and cloud infrastructure and operations. Our guiding words in all our services are high quality and efficiency.

And we say small because we invest a lot of time and effort in finding the perfect member when recruiting, and even more time and effort when matching our members towards the perfect assignment. The essence of the Skymill culture is "playful professionalism". Where other companies focus on titles and leader idolatry, we focus on knowledge, personalities and true team efforts.

Please note that we are looking for both senior and mid level talents to join us. As a senior, you are expected to take more of a leading role.

What you'll be doing

Playing for Skymill as a Software Developer basically means that you have to be able to read in on and fully understand the technical requirements presented to you from our customers. You also need to have the ability to turn these requirements into beautiful implementations. Your audience will be our customers, so you have to be capable of delivering high performance code to them when they need it the most, and also have the ability to walk them through and support them during the entire development life cycle. Most of all you have to let the passion you have for quality software shine through in your everyday work. Even though that solo of yours is magnificent, your aim and your drive is to let the band finish the gig and receive the standing ovations that the team deserves.

Desired skills

We need you to be the best version of yourself, with the expertise in development that our customers need. We think that you have some past experience from working in the field with one or more of the following things:

- Node.js, Go, Python or Java experience
- Agile methodologies
- Relational and/or NoSQL databases
- Deploying things to the cloud, CI and monitoring is helpful, but not a must
- Consultancy and general presence at customer sites

Our offer to you

As mentioned before, without our key members Skymill just isn't what it should or could be. So in order to show our appreciation we will put together a sweet deal for you.

Apart from working with one of the fastest growing, most flexible companies in the region, you will get a competitive salary and pension package, as well as 30 days paid vacation. You will be working alongside lots of smart and talented developers and project managers with extensive experience from the industry, each being a master of their trade. To our mid level engineers we offer a work based mentorship from one of our more senior consultants, who will actively support you for as long you feel the need for it. For our senior engineers we offer personal and professional development through the same mentorship program.

We realize that work isn't all about work, and you need to hang with your co-workers in a different way and in a different context from time to time. We regularly arrange Aws and other nice events, to keep the spirit up and the playful professionalism alive. So if you are really up for the challenge of working differently in fun projects for interesting clients (we will be more specific later on, promise), then hesitate no more and send us your application.

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