Tools and Build Engineer to Tobii Tech

We're looking for a skilled tools engineer who loves automation, scripts, modern build infrastructure and did I mention automation?

Our teams have a variety of different platforms and products they need to deliver to customers. We already have a quite advanced build system, with test machinery connected to it taking code from a git commit all the way to a deployment pipeline. However, there are many things that can be improved - from the automatic configuration and maintenance of build agents, integrating data streams from git and jira to produce nice looking graphs and dash boards to major decisions about the next generation build system. We're in it for the long haul. Our build infrastructure should be services that just work, do the right thing in a repeatable and deterministic way. Build operations should be fast, not get stuck in queues and not fill up disk space without warning bells going off. The build infrastructure is mainly on prem.

The role and responsibilities
In this role, you will work with all teams both as a discussion partner, coach, implementing new tools and system integrations.

Your days will be filled with
- Defining, understanding and following up build infrastructure metrics
- Write scripts that extract and combine data streams from git, jira, teamcity and produce understandable graphs
- Write build scripts in msbuild and make
- Making sure we have the right amount of build agents with the required capabilities
- Suggesting and implementing infrastructure improvements ranging from process changes to overall architecture.
- Collaborating with the teams and IT to find and eliminate pain points.

All our jobs at Tobii are about innovation, passion and not the least - making things real.

We are looking for someone who
- Is deeply engaged in the part of product development that isn't coding: Build infrastructure!
- Has experience in teamcity, Jenkins, travis CI, git, make, msbuild, cross-compilation, windows, linux, mac. the more the merrier!
- Writes bash or python scripts to automate everyday activities
- Wants to deliver high quality software and is ready to walk the extra mile to actually do so.

The candidate we are looking for you who have experience in/knowledge in/worked with build servers, scripting, various operating systems, build languages like msbuild, make, ant, nant, bazel, cake, fake. You probably have an engineering degree, but you may also be self-taught, very good and passionate about converting source code to a deliverable. To be successful in this role and at Tobii, you need to be a team player, open to new ideas, a desire to do great things and improve things that has potential for improvement.

Bash CI Jenkins Jira Python Git

Tobii Tech AB