Area Product Owner for Requirement Area Quality Assistance

Are you our newArea Product Owner for Requirement Area Quality Assistance
Location: Linköping

Starting Date: As soon as possible

Last Application Date: November 26th

What we offer? Our purpose is to create trust in mobility. We design and build state-of-the-art hardware, software, and solutions for active safety, ADAS, autonomous driving, restraint control and brake control

Founded in 2018, Veoneer is building on a heritage of more than 60 years of automotive safety development. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Veoneer has 7,600 associates in 13 countries (joint ventures included) and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and on Nasdaq Stockholm

AdditionallyVeoneer inSweden is located in 5 different cities throughout the country, from Skellefteå in the north to Gothenburgon the west coast.Ourcamera systems are developed in Linköping with the help from our highly integrated satellite offices. As a site, our responsibilities range from electronics and optics to software, algorithms and vehicle testing. All vision development teams are working cross-functionally based on agile principles

Do you like to work in an innovative organization with a strong drive for improvements and good career opportunities? Then you will excel at Veoneer!

What you'll do?An Area Product Owner (APO) specializes in a Requirement Area and owns the
product backlog for that Requirement Area. The APO works closely with the Core Development Manager and other Area Product Owners for the Product (PO Team).

We are now searching for one APO for RA Quality Assistance

Quality Assistance is all about making sure the delivery from our Core organization is fulfilling the stakeholders’ expectations through e.g. continuous integration, release testing, Design Validation and Product Verification including needed infrastructure to do this. Since this is a relatively new organization, a significant effort is needed to settle interfaces and way of working.

As an Area Product Owner, you will be responsible for

- Prioritization of the RA part of the Product Backlog, considering stakeholders, ROI, quality, business risks etc. for the product.
- Steering of the development for Quality Assistance to achieve the product
vision and be involved in: - Direction & prioritization-deciding where to evolve to next
- Vision, evolution, innovation, and adopting technologies-long-term view
- Relationships and politics-keeping everyone happy (enough)
- Judging & predicting-markets and competitors
- Act as a bridge between developers and users/customers
- Working closely with the customers to get a deep understanding of the market and future needs
- Work closely with developers to get at deep understanding of the technologies and areas to improve and develop.

What you'll bring?Knowledge and skills

- Knowledge about the domain and technology for Quality Assistance to be able to- Set the vision and roadmap
- Manage stakeholder expectations
- Understand stakeholder needs (not only what they asking for but what they really need)
- Understand market trends and business realities
- Prioritize items based on business value

- Change management to be able to conclude on goals and execute needed changes regarding the organization and it’s way of working
- Strategic skills. To be able to set goals and develop strategic action plans for how to achieve the company goals for the Requirement Area.
- Negotiation and communication skills. The need to be able to compromise and negotiate content without being a “yes” person. Be able to say “no” if needed. Be able to communicate vision, roadmaps, benefits etc. for items in the Requirement area.
- Have integrity and be a trust builder. Building trust with the teams and stakeholders. Balance empathy for the team but also integrity to the product. Teams should not expect APO sign-off if the Definition of Done is not met.
- Knowledge and interest in agile and lean ways of working, a willingness to learn and to contribute to continuously improving the development system.

Needs to be

- Visionary - Has the ability to present a challenge that calls forth the best in people and brings them together around a shared sense of purpose.
- Has the ability to define the future challenges within the domain for the Requirement Area.

- Customer Delighter - Understands the customers real needs and maybe even latent needs, not just taking what the customer says and add it to the backlog.

- Storyteller - Is able to communicate the benefit with backlog items and what will make them delight the customers, what is the wanted impact and the business value.

- Delegator- Has a willingness to delegate as needed and is clear about delegation levels. Seeks help and advice from others.

- Knowledge broker - Enables collaboration and empowers the developers by finding the right people for them to talk to.

- Motivator- Has the courage and the capability to resolve conflicts and engage when things get difficult. Needs to be collaborative to minimize the negative, and need to mediate.

- Effective in using management - Cultivates the ability to quickly escalate items that need higher management attention to be resolved

Employment condition:Permanent, full time

Application and contact information:If you have any questions, please contact Jenny Petersson, 013-465 71 75.

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