Machine Learning Engineer

Job description:
This position is for an engineer with experience of working with and analysing large time-series data sets.
The role: You will employ advanced data modeling and forecasting techniques to explore and to prescribe actionable recommendations in our platform and applications. You will play a pivotal role in elevating our advanced analytics for the advertising industry.

Ideal candidates will have a strong academic background - preferably a Phd in Computer Science or Computational Neuroscience/Biology or similar - as well as technical skills including applied statistics, machine learning, data mining, and software engineering. Familiarity working with large-scale datasets and big data tools and techniques is preferred. The role is perfect for a team player with drive, curiosity. You love to solve problems creatively.
You thrive in an entrepreneurial environment, and you are excited by the challenge of building something from the ground up.

. Perform research and engineering to advance platforms for intelligent machines
. Perform research that enables learning about images, video, or text
. Devise data-driven models for marketing attribution and prediction
. Carry out research and engineering on learning architectures for marketing and advertising time-series based data
. Contribute to Adverai product development for data science

. Advertising attribution model engineering
. Advertising recommendation systems
. Natural Language Understanding model engineering
. Generative Narrative engineering (text and visual annotations)
. High dimensional data processing and dimensionality reduction techniques

Essential requirements:
. Experience in machine learning algorithm development
. Exposure to Neural networks and deep learning tools such as Torch, pyTorch, TensorFlow
. Knowledge in Python or other related programming language
. Experience in machine learning, AI, optimization, computer science, statistics, applied mathematics, or data science
. Experience solving analytical problems using quantitative approaches
. Ability to manipulate and analyze complex, large scale, high-dimensionality data
. Experience building systems based on machine learning and/or deep learning methods
. Experience in Mathematical Modeling

Desirable requirements:
Knowledge in:
. Stocasthic Calculus and Processes
. Applied Mathematics
. Probability Theory
. Neural Networks
. Biological Neuronal Networks

Machine learning Python Data Science TensorFlow Deep Learning Optimization PyTorch AI

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