Head of Data Science, IMED RIA Sweden

Respiratory is one of AstraZeneca's main therapy areas. Our aim is to transform asthma and COPD treatment through inhaled combinations at the core of care, biologics for the unmet needs of specific patient populations, and scientific advancements in disease modification.

From a research perspective we work to understand, treat, modify and ultimately cure respiratory disease with an emphasis on four diseases with significant unmet medical need; asthma, COPD, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) and Chronic Cough.

To further strengthen our expertise and capacity in each of these strategic research areas we are currently recruiting world-class leaders. Do you want to join our team?

Main Duties and Responsibilities

The RIA Target & Translational Sciences department is an agile environment, with a culture that is science and patient-focused. Our mission is to understand disease mechanisms at the molecular level, identify the most effective target and the right patient population, and close the gap between bench science and bedside clinical practice.

A key aspect of translational science is the application of cutting edge data science technologies to drive disease understanding, patient and disease segmentation, and bridge to clinical outcome. The Head of Data science is accountable for leveraging available in silico data sources, technologies and expertise to drive a new understanding of patient, disease and pharmacological intervention, that will ultimately lead to new medicines for unmet clinical need. This leadership role requires a strong data science background as well as excellent people management and communication skills. you will also need excellent team working skills and a track record of working collaboratively to ensure scientific excellence and robust delivery.

Accountabilities and responsibilities:

* Develop an AZ centre of excellence for respiratory data science, bioinformatics, statistical expertise and systems biology
* Recruit, develop and motivate Data Scientists
* Accountable for the delivery of data science and bioinformatics to RIA IMED
* Enable the exploitation of big data sources both internally and externally
* Enable the continuous adoption of cutting edge technologies, including next generation omics platforms, AI and machine learning
* Work with the AZ Genomics Initiative to ensure that new putative targets are prosecuted within TTS for human validation
* Align Data Science to the generation of data from models and patients that leads to discovery of new biomarkers
* Drive alignment of Data Science with the need for novel signatures for patient segmentation, demonstration of target engagement and translation to clinical outcome and provide support for drug projects
* Identify, promote and drive new target and project ideas that enrich our portfolio
* Provide strategic planning and a long-term vision for respiratory data science and bioinformatics
* Collaborate with partners across AstraZeneca to ensure data availability and infrastructure support for your long-term vision
* Build and maintains a work environment in which scientific challenge and innovation are maximised
* Make AZ scientifically visible by publishing scientific papers and presenting data at conferences

Essential Requirements

* Strong quantitative background with a PhD in bioinformatics, statistics, data science, or other quantitative sciences
* A proven track record of leading impactful data science or bioinformatics projects and teams
* Experience and understanding of the identification and progression of drug targets through drug discovery and clinical development
* Proven competence driving knowledge from types of data acquired all stages of the life-cycle of a drug from pre-project exploratory in-vitro transcriptomics to post-clinical Real-World-Evidence data
* Strong leadership skills ability to be a self-starter.
* Demonstrated ability to work productively in a matrix team environment
* Excellent written, oral, presentation and interpersonal skills

If you are interested, apply now!

For more information about the position please contact Adam Platt,

Welcome with your application no later than October 14th, 2018.

For more information about life in Gothenburg visit www.movetogothenburg.com

Our Respiratory research is mainly carried out at the vibrant AstraZeneca Research site in Gothenburg, Sweden. However, collaboration is a way of life for us. Extensive collaboration with our AstraZeneca colleagues in Cambridge UK, the MedImmune research units in Gaithersburg and Cambridge, as well as numerous academic institutions and partners around the globe gives us access to a worldwide network of expertise and innovation.

Our external collaborators expand both academic and biotech organisations including Imperial College London, Pieris, Bicycle Therapeutics, Ethris and many more. We aim to be flexible, responsive, open and honest and look for people, companies and investigators who share our collaborative spirit and high scientific standards.

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