Digital Engineer, FPGA Design with VHDL

An ongoing hardware development project needs high skilled personnel for development a design based on FPGA, can result in shared ownership of the project.
Job Description Work as a VHDL developer on a hardware development team to
complete a leading-edge development project building next generation network security systems.

Candidates shall meet following high experience qualifications:

FPGA design with VHDL
Using Xilinx FPGA development tools (ISE, XST)
Design of complex synchronous control logic
PLL and clock distribution Working C/C++ knowledge
GNU tools knowledge
Strong architectural design skills
Useful experience:
Knowledge of PCI, ATA, SATA interface
Knowledge of SDRAM
USB and wireless interfaces
Designing of Xilinx Spartan-3 family
Knowledge of PCB debugging is an advantage

About Us:

Bitidentify Technology AB is a Swedish company working with patented hardware
construction for data security. We have been in this business for over seventeen
years. Our methods for data security belong to the most advanced in the world.

PCI VHDL Debugging C FPGA C++


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